22 October 2017

[CA-SCGS] SCGS Writer's Group--Sunday, November 12, 2017

The SCGS Writer's Group will meet on Sunday, November 12, 2017 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the SCGS Library in Burbank.
Learn how to:
   entice a reader into your tale
   find clip art to add
   prune word weeds
   change "telling about" into showing
   find and use writer's resources
   refine and streamline your tales

Meets: 2nd Sunday of each month
Hours: 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Contact: Jennifer Taylor, JenmichelleTaylor@icloud.com
Location: 417 Irving Drive, Burbank, CA 91504
Southern California Genealogy Society Library
Southern California Genealogical Society Library
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, California
Cross street: Glenoaks Blvd.
(818) 843-7247


20 October 2017

[CA-SCGS] Blog Post Blunder and Apology

Hello SCGS Members and Friends,
Today one of our SCGS Blog Posts--the blog about Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2017--was emailed out a month earlier than planned. A major oops on our part!
We apologize for the error.
We have corrected the blog post, and the corrected post
 will return on November 28th, as planned.
We at the Southern California Genealogy Society and Library respect and appreciate our members and friends.
We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you in our library, at our Webinar Extension Series and at our 2018 Jamboree Conference in Burbank, CA.
Southern California Genealogy Society and Family History Library
417 Irving Dr.
Burbank, CA 91504-2408

18 October 2017

[CA-SCGS] French-Canadian Heritage Society of Southern California (FCHSC) Meeting--Sunday, October 22, 2017

FCHSC is holding our Fall Meeting on Sunday, October 22, 2017 from 10:00 to 4:00 at the SCGS Library.
The program:
10:15-Noon Cheri Mello will be speaking on Understanding Basic DNA and Using DNA to Breakdown Brick Walls.

 Lunch/Pizza/Social Hour

 After lunch: Photos and highlights of Suzy Goulet and Joan Phillip's trip to Quebec this summer.
Afterwards, an hands on research and assistance using the French Canadian resources at the Library.

Southern California Genealogy Society and Family History Library
417 Irving Dr.
Burbank, CA 91504-2408
Email: scgs@scgsgenealogy.com
Website: www.scgsgenealogy.com


15 October 2017

[CA-SCGS] SCGS Irish Interest Group Workshop, Sunday, October 29, 2017

Researching your Irish roots? 
Interested in Celtic and British Isles history?

If the answer to either question is yes, then you won’t want to miss the next quarterly SCGS Irish Workshop on Sunday, October 29, 2017, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the SCGS Family Research Library in Burbank. 


Feel free to bring your laptop, tablet or another device to join in and do some researching of your own. There will be time allotted for help with your personal research at the end of the discussion.

There is no fee for participating and you do not need to be an SCGS member to attend. For more information click here. The library will be closed for general research.

Check out the SCGS Irish Online Research Sites page!

SCGS Irish Interest Group
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
5th Sunday of the Month

SCGS Family Research Library
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, California




06 October 2017

[CA-SCGS] New Member Resource--Courtesy of FamilySearch!

Great news from FamilySearch for SCGS members!
As of October 1, 2017, the SCGS Library continues our affiliation with the LDS Family History Library by offering full computer access to all of the digitalized records that FamilySearch offers through their website familysearch.org. What a great benefit, since the microfilms are no longer available for rent!
How does that work? Come to the SCGS library and use our library computers to unlock all the digitalized records found on FamilySearch.org. But there's a catch--you have to be a member of SCGS to use our computers.
Not a member? Come in and join SCGS, and you will receive additional members-only benefits and discounts (such as discounted rates at Jamboree 2018!).
Southern California Genealogy Society and Family History Library
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, CA 91504-2408
Website: www. scgsgenealogy.com

[CA-SCGS] German Interest Group Meeting--Saturday, October 21, 2017

Researching your family tree and finding new, exciting, and sometimes surprising family connections? 

Join the SCGS German Interest Group at their next meeting to be held from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturday, October 21 2017, at the SCGS Family Research Library. Dick Humphrey presents: "Writing about Current and Future Ancestors"  Don't miss out!

At age 21 my great aunt sparked my interest in genealogy with information about Joseph Bolles, our immigrant ancestor from England who had distant connections to royalty. Later a patriot descendant, Lemuel, fought at Bunker Hill. Facts on index cards eventually gave way to computer software. With Family Tree Maker, I now have 1400 relatives entered for the Humphrey line (with Bolles, Glazebrook, Muirs from Scotland and Fischer from Europe) along with the more recent Canadian and European line of my wife (Long, Walpole, Hoekenson, Ammon). My interest in perpetuating and sharing discoveries has led to charts, photo-history books, articles and talks at reunions and genealogy groups

The goal of the SCGS German Interest Group is to provide a wide range of resources both inside and outside the SCGS Library to help trace German families. Throughout 2017, our German Group will renew its "Routing Our Roots" as well as present short programs on German Exiles in Los Angeles County, History of German Towns, Human Interest Stories on folks of German Heritage, learning German Words and Old German Script, plus any last minute thoughts.

For more information, please contact Allene Aubertin.

SCGS German Interest Group
Third Saturday of the month
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Southern California Genealogical Society 
& Family Research Library
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, California

Cross street Glenoaks
(818) 843-7247


05 October 2017

[CA-SCGS] The Fall 2017 Searcher is Available!

The Searcher is Now Available Online!

Fall 2017

This issue is found in the members-only section of the website.

Southern California Genealogy Society and Family History Library
417 Irving Dr.
Burbank, CA 91504-2408

04 October 2017

[CA-SCGS] Help SCGS by Shopping at Ralphs!

September 1 is the day that the Ralphs Community Contribution program starts its new year.  All of the participants in the program must re-enroll in order for SCGS to receive donations through this program.

It's easy to do - and we've tried to make it easier by posting all the details and instructions on our website at http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/affiliates/ralphs.html.

Thanks to all of the SCGS members and friends who joined the Ralphs Community Contribution Program in support of the Southern California Genealogical Society. SCGS receives over $2000 each year through participation in this program. Ralphs policy requires that participants re-join the program every year.

All of our members who are currently enrolled in the Ralphs Community Contribution Program must update their information to continue to participate in the program. This update will be in effect from September 1 through August 31 of the following year.

Participation in the Ralphs Club Contribution program is not limited to SCGS members. Please pass this message along to your family members and friends.

Southern California Genealogical Society
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, CA 91504