09 March 2010

Bargain Alert! 23andMe DNA Testing

23andMe is offering special pricing in conjunction with Oprah’s show on family history. Through March 31, the ancestry edition is being priced at $199 (regularly $399, a $200 discount).

The $200 discount can also be applied to the complete edition, which includes both ancestry and health analyses.

As reported on the 23andMe website, “Faces of America used 23andMe's ancestry edition to test the DNA of the guests featured in the series. In Episode Four, called "Know Thyself", 23andMe traced the ancestral lineage and global origins of the guests using DNA technology. This segment highlights how DNA is used when the genealogical paper trails ends to give the participants an even deeper understanding of who they are and where they came from.”

Order the test


  1. The "Order the test" link doesn't work anymore. Did 23andme retract the offer?

  2. To get the discount, you need to go to the Faces of America page: https://www.23andme.com/partner/foa/