14 March 2010

Family Tree DNA Administrator Roundtable

Are you are the administrator or co-administrator of a Family Tree DNA surname or geographical project?  Would you like to share ideas and benefit from the knowledge of other administrators?  
If so, please contact Alice Fairhurst at alicefairhurst@gmail.com to get your name added to the Invitation-Only list for the DNA Administrator's Roundtable.  
Topics include:  
How do you recruit new testers?  
How do you get people out of the projects who don't belong? (Usually they don't understand how the DNA traces.) 
How do you know how and when to put people into subgroups.  
How can you anticipate your tester's questions and issues for the new Family Finder test where matching is much more complicated than for Y-DNA and mtDNA?  
The next meeting of the DNA Roundtable will be Saturday, May 29 at 2:00 p.m. directly following the normal DNA Interest Group Meeting. 

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