06 March 2010


All right. What Did You Think of the program, Who Do You Think You Are? that premiered last night on NBC? Didn't watch it? Well, you can catch it online at NBC

Next week's celebrity is Emmitt Smith, former pro football player and winner of "Dancing With The Stars" a few years ago. Maybe you can get your football-loving family members to watch it by telling them it's a sports show. Just an idea...


  1. Differnt. Sarah J was to emotional for all the family secrets revealed. everything she discovered was done by a professional, did she even try and find any results herself?

  2. They made genealogy research look too simple. All you have to do is go to the town your family was from and someone there will show you amazing documents. They should include how many hours of research (and the cost) involved.
    Laurie H.
    Los Angeles