30 March 2010

Who Do You Think You Are: Change in Episode Schedule

NBC has altered a few of the Who Do You Think You Are? episode dates. The updated schedule, provided by Suzanne Russo Adams of Ancestry.com is as follows:
-          April 2nd – Brooke Shields
-          April 9th – Sarah Jessica Parker (Repeat)
-          April 16th – No episode
-          April 23rd – Susan Sarandon
-          April 30th – Spike Lee


  1. With a repeat on the 9th and no episode on the 16th, I wonder if some of the new viewers will lose interest over that 3 week period and not tune in when it resumes on the 23rd. Sounds risky to me but I'd watch it if it were on 52 weeks a year, every year!

  2. Please ask Suzanne if Ancestry or NBC will ever post the ancestries of the celebrities shared during the episodes?

  3. Perry, great question!

    I asked Suzanne and here is her answer:

    "I am told that the posting of the trees is at the discretion of NBC. So far, NBC has posted Emmitt Smith's and Lisa Kudrow's family trees on the NBC "Who Do You Think You Are?" site at http://www.nbc.com/who-do-you-think-you-are ."

  4. I have enjoyed the programs very much. It wasn't a voyeur thing for me, more of being able to identify with how families may or may not intend to keep secrets about their families and the ramifications that result.
    I hope NBC will elect to do more episodes. It doesn't matter if they are celebrities or not.I find it refereshing to know that my family wasn't the only ones who were kept in the dark about their heritage.
    I am listening to Madeline Albright's book Madam Secretary and it is so difficult to hear her talk about how people jumped to conclusions about her not knowing her true heritage. It is cruel to judge someone's character because of something they had no control over. I am sure she was as atunned as anyone would be. Hearing Sarah Jessica Parker say the same thing about thinking all the time that her dad was French, was difficult, too.

  5. Paula:

    Here's an overdue "Thank You!" for answering my question. Those family trees were not easy to find and it's unfortunate that they are aren't posting all of them by default. With so much New England ancestry, it seems like a lot of people would be interested in looking for ancestors in common with Sarah Jessica Parker in particular. For me it's not the kinship with SJP that is interesting so much as the hope that professional attention to her ancestry will yield new common ancestors for both of us :) In particular, the Dalyber/Doliber/etc. family of MA & RI needs modern, scholarly research. Perry