26 June 2010

Bargain Alert: AncestorStuff Gift Certificate

I received this announcement from AncestorStuff.
It seems as though clicking on the link will not work.
You will need to copy and paste the following URL:

It's a great opportunity to help supply the SCGS Library with a new resource and get a little something for yourself at no additional cost.  What a deal!

Library Gift Certificates
Purchase a $25 AncestorStuff gift certificate for your favorite library and AncestorStuff will also send you a $25 gift certificate at no additional charge.

Offer limited to one certificate per library (including branch libraries) per person.  You may purchase certificates for as many different libraries as you wish.  All certificates will be sent by email.

The library must have a public web site. 
(Note: SCGS website:  www.scgsgenealogy.com)

The library certificate will be sent to an email address you specify, but it must be shown on the library's web site. (scgs@scgsgenealogy.com)

Your certificate will be sent to the email indicated on your order.

The library certificate will include the statement, "A gift certificate for your library courtesy of (your name)."

Use your gift certificate for yourself, or pass it along to the library as well.  Certificates are transferable, have no expiration date, and there are no fees.

Please complete information as requested in the "Options" section on the link above.
Offer expires June 29, 2010.

(Thanks to Patt Ricketts for bringing this to our attention)

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