11 October 2010

Re-Opening of LA Family History Library

Here is the long-awaited news on the reopening of the Los Angeles Family History Library on October 25. The information comes from Mr. Richard McBride, Director of the Los Angeles Family History Library.

The Los Angeles Family History Library will open October 25, 2010 to serve you.  

Library hours:     
            Monday,  Friday,  Saturday   9 am - 5 pm
            Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday   9 am - 9 pm                                          
            November 6    9 am  - 9 pm     Saturday
            November 7    3 pm  - 9 pm     Sunday

During the Open House twenty minute Mini-classes will be taught.  Check our website for the Mini-class schedule.   The Library will not be available for research during the Open House.

Come to the Open House and let us introduce you to our newly renovated library with:

• State-of-the-art technology: High speed Internet, computers and virtual teaching classrooms facilitate genealogical research that cannot be accessed at smaller family history centers. 
• Large collection of resources: Microfilms/fiches, books and free use of fee-based websites such as Ancestry.com.
• Video Conferencing: The computer laboratory is uniquely designed to support video conferencing technology.  As a result, classes can be received from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or the Riverton Family Search Library and taught real time at the Los Angeles facility. Conversely, programming may originate from Los Angeles and be distributed to distant libraries. 
• Classroom Facilities: Two large new classrooms will be used for training and for beginning, intermediate, and advanced family history courses that teach the most current family history research methods. 
Richard D. McBride
Los Angeles Family History Library

Note that it's no longer referred to as a "Family History Center" or "FamilySearch Center."  The Library services have been expanded to to extent that it is now designated a Library ... just like the Salt Lake Family History Library.  We are so lucky to have this resource close by!


  1. What is the address of this library? --Denise Perez

  2. All of the information on the LAFHL can be found on their website: