30 October 2010

SCGS Librarian Training a Success - October 30

This past Saturday, October 30, marked the completion of the annual SCGS Librarian Training Program. Linda Golovko, the SCGS Volunteer Coordinator, indicated that "approximately 80% of the SCGS librarians, or 30 attendees, over two days completed the multi-skill training sessions."

With expert real-time instruction on the use of the cash register and the credit card machine from Peggy Schulz, the SCGS Financial Secretary, as well as the completion of sample exercises created by Vieve Metcalfe, volunteers came away feeling more confident about executing various types of daily financial transactions. In the photo, Peggy (left) explains a keying sequence to a volunteer librarian.

The other major training focus was on the use of the Library's computing assets. From the use of the computers themselves, to the on-line database subscriptions as well as those SCGS has on compact disk, SCGS board member and IT Team Lead Jay Holladay (pictured below) explains the details to his intent listeners. One of the Library's newest assets is a microfilm and microfiche scanner that allows for easy digital manipulation of the images. The scanner provides the capability to both print the image and save it to electronic media (such as a flash drive).The SCGS Board sends out a big "thank you" to Linda and the SCGS Library Operations Team for organizing the training sessions.

SCGS needs you!
We are continually recruiting for new librarians. Duties range from shelving books, to assisting patrons in locating library materials and working in the SCGS Bookstore. Shifts and duties are negotiable depending on your interest and available time. A large librarian pool allows us to keep the library open to the public as many hours as possible. Please email SCGS Volunteer Engagement for more details.

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