25 November 2010

RootsMagic User Group Meeting Sunday 11-28

Program - Our November meeting will feature a presentation by our own Jennifer Shaw, whom we've missed  since she left for graduate school in Boston last summer. Jennifer has offered to review sources and citations with us, including her presentation on how to cite an online federal census record. An electronic copy of the census source template she modified will also be available. He one-page summary on sources and source citations is attached.

As many of you know, proper source citation is essential to producing a quality family history. A lot of us started by gathering data first and trying to add sources later,only to ask many times, "Where the heck did I get THAT?" Dick Eastman emphasizes the importance of citing sources in his recent blog post:
He also provides concise definitions of Primary and Secondary sources.

As always at our meetings, contributions by attendees are encouraged - bring your questions and recent discoveries about RM to share with the group. You are also invited to email me suggestions for topics to be covered at this or future meetings.

Special Holiday Offer - Don't forget that RootsMagic has a special holiday offer: the program and the book for only $20.00 (plus S & H). This is the full program on CD plus the very helpful user manual. A great opportunity to give this combination to a family member or friend who is looking for a database program. Offer good only until December 22.

Next Month's Meeting - Our December meeting will be held on Sunday the 19th. Since this is the Sunday before Christmas, we will decide at our November meeting whether to cancel for December.

Meetings in 2011 - January 16, February 20, March 20.

Latest Version of RM4 - Version (20 Oct 2010). For more information see the RootsMagic blog (http://blog.rootsmagic.com/)

For further information about the meeting or the user group, contact Jay Holladay: jholladay@ca.rr.com

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