17 March 2011

A Day of French DNA - March 27

The joint French Canadian Historical Society of California and SCGS DNA Interest Group March 2011 meeting is dedicated to learning about the power of genetic genealogy.

During the morning session Alice Fairhurst, SCGS DNA Project Leader and DNA Interest Group Chair, will lead a panel discussion of how DNA testing complements our French and French-Canadian research.

Following a potluck luncheon we will break into Round Table discussion groups to discuss how y-DNA, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA testing can be used to resolve French naming conundrums (i.e., those challenging dit names), help trace our Qu├ębec ancestresses, and to connect with our close and distant cousins/cousines. The power of the French Heritage DNA web site will also be explored.

Information: fchsc@scgsgenealogy.com or 818-843-7247 - Public welcome!

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