03 March 2011

SBGS: One Incredible Genealogy Seminar - April 9

We advertise this on behalf of the Santa Barbara Genealogical Society:

One Incredible Genealogy Seminar, Saturday 9 April 2011 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. at Goleta Presbyterian Church, 6067 Shirrell Way in Goleta 93117.

The German Focus speaker is Dr. Roger P. Minert, from Brigham Young University, who will give four talks specifically on Germanic topics, based on his German Genealogy expertise and experiences:
  • German Immigrants in American Church Records This is a major project of Dr. Minert and his Germanic Family History students at BYU over the past several years. Eight volumes of midwestern USA immigrants, by name and German birthplaces, have resulted from this project, from church records in Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska. The SBCGS library on Castillo Street currently has 3 of these 8 volumes.
  • Marriage and Courtship in Germany, 1500-1800. Social and religious customs, associated with courtship and marriage, are discussed in detail.
  • Illegitimate children, inheritance, and property acquisition are an integral part of this presentation.
  • Church Records in Germany. The most valuable records containing data on our Germanic ancestors are religious baptism/christening, marriage, and burial/death records, considered as Vital Records prior to Civil Registration in Germanic countries.
  • Conducting Family History Research in Europe. The emphasis in this talk is on preparation, communication, avoiding and or solving problems, and will include contacting resources in Germanic countries from here in the U.S.
For members and/or spouses in your group who may not have Germanic ancestry, we hope they will be interested in our Seminar alternative track on United States Genealogy, which will be presented by Mr. Lloyd De Witt Bockstruck, award-winning professional genealogist, educator, librarian, author and columnist who for 36 years worked for the Dallas Public Library (the last 30 as Supervisor of their Genealogy Section), an institution which was recognized by the Family Tree Magazine as one of the Top 10 Public Libraries for Genealogists in the USA. Mr. Bockstruckąs topics:
  • Revolutionary War, Patriots and Tories. Americaąs first civil war took place during the Revolution, an ultra violent, family-splitting, and often vindictive conflict between patriots and loyalists (Tories). It became a conflict between Americans as well as a struggle for independence. Lecture will focus on demographics of both groups, migrations after the war, and available records for genealogical research.
  • Early U.S. Migrations: from Trans-Appalachia to the west bank of the Mississippi, 1763-1850. Lecture will focus on push/pull reasons for migrations and the rich sources of records available in various states.
  • U.S. Probate Records and Deeds. Information accessible via ancestral and collateral wills, intestate proceedings and land deeds can solve some of your most bricked-up problems. Learn new search techniques, sources, and clues.
  • Huguenots and Quakers in America. Learn about your immigrant Huguenots, i.e., French Calvinists or members of the Protestant Reformed Church of France, and about your Quakers, i.e., members of the Society of Friends. Learn what about them? Their lives in the new country, their courtship and marriage customs, their persecutions, their burial customs, their records, and where to find them.
Complete information will be available on February 1 on the SBCGS website with the capability to register and pay online by clicking on the homepage Registration button.


  1. Just a note from Cari Thomas, co-chair of the ONE INCREDIBLE GENEALOGY SEMINAR. Members of the SCGS have been offered our Affiliates discount price of $35. THis does not include the optional box lunch, which is an additional $!0.

    Thanks, Heidi, for making this information available to all who read your great blog.

    Looking forward to seeing you at our seminar on Saturday 9 April 2011.

    Cari Thomas western37-at-cox-dot-com

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  3. Thank you Cari for the reminder about the discount. Look forward to the event.