15 July 2011

The Library of Congress - a C-SPAN documentary, 18 July

Posted on behalf of our friends at C-SPAN:

The Library of Congress
A C-SPAN Original Documentary
Premieres Mon., July 18, 8 & 11 pm ET on C-SPAN

Join us this Monday evening on C-SPAN for the premiere of our latest original documentary, The Library of Congress. Founded in 1800 and sitting adjacent to the U.S. Capitol in the heart of America's capital city, the Library of Congress has collected nearly 150 million items, making it the world's largest library. This documentary explores the Library's 211-year history and the scope of its collection. Go behind the scenes and:
  • Learn the history of the institution as you tour the Library's iconic Jefferson Building.
  • See the treasures found in its collections of rare books, photos, and maps, as well as the thousands of pages of presidential and personal papers.
  • Learn how the library uses technology to preserve its holdings and expand public access to them.

For preview clips and more information about The Library of Congress,
visit www.c-span.org/loc

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