09 July 2011

Traveling Virtually or Physically to a Civil War Site

The main goal of the CivilWarTraveler.com site is to provide travel, historical and interpretive information to anyone planning a trip to a Civil War site or region. My armchair-based tour started with a review of the Civil War timeline which details important events from Lincoln's election on Nov. 6, 1860 to the final battles of the Civil War in May 1865.

I then moved on to the Multimedia section of the site. Here I found a set of guided tours for major battlefields narrated by National Park staff. I selected the Harper's Ferry podcast and clicked on the companion tour map and settled back to listen. Through the narrative, I was transported to the East Coast and back in time to the War. While clearly it would be best if I could have actually walked around the park, the podcast, map and other photos were sufficient to create a nice experience.

Last, I visited the In Print and Books sections. The on-line mock newspapers were fun to read and the list of recommended books was tremendous.

All in all, I recommend this site to any Civil War, travel, history and of course genealogy enthusiasts.

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