14 September 2011

Jamestowne Society: First California Company

We pass this on for our friends at the First California Company:

The Jamestowne colony was privately financed by the Virginia Company. 104 men and boys landed on the banks of Virginia's James River on May 14, 1607. There, over thirteen years before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, they established the first permanent English settlement in America. They endured a struggle for existence against disease, drought, starvation and hostile native residents in which six out of seven perished. At that appalling cost, those newcomers left us some of our most profound and immutable national legacies. Links about Jamestowne, the first colony

Join us if you are a potential member wanting to establish your lineage to the Jamestowne Society's Qualifying Ancestors.

First California Company is one of 37 Companies of The Jamestowne Society. It is composed of members of the Society who are interested in associating with other members in California and participating in events and other activities that it sponsors.

For more information, visit this website

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