17 November 2011

The Civil War in California: SoCal Encampments

According to the California State Military Museum's website, "When the {Civil War} erupted in April of 1861, the California Legislature declared the State for the Union {..} and pitched in with raising volunteers for the cause. By December of 1861, California had raised two regiments of cavalry and five regiments of infantry for the Union."

"Later, three more infantry regiments would be enlisted along with a battalion each of 'Mounted Infantry' and 'Native Cavalry' for a grand total of sixteen thousand plus Californians enlisting as volunteers during the war."

All the troops raised in California as volunteers served in locations in Southern California such as the Drum Barracks in Wilmington, Camp Fitzgerald (Imperial County), Two Harbors Isthmus, and Camp Latham on Ballona Creek in Culver City (intersection of Jefferson and Overland Boulevards).

See the Los Angeles Almanac(TM) Los Angeles Area Civil War Barracks  for more information.

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