10 November 2011

LA Westside Genealogical Society Annual Show and Tell Potluck - Nov 15

We pass this on for our friends at the Los Angeles Westside Genealogical Society:

Annual Show and Tell Potluck 

This month members provide the program for our annual Show and Tell.  Everyone is invited to participate by sharing a short family story or anecdote, showing a family heirloom or photo, or relating some research breakthrough or experience.  If you would like to join in, feel free to get on the agenda by calling Tom Lane at 310-393-5574.  Or see Tom first thing at the meeting if you would like to join in, or just put your family item on our special display table with a short note of explanation. 

You don't need to bring a Show-and-Tell object or story to have a good time (although it really does help make friends with other attendees). Although everyone is welcome to bring a "pot" for the potluck, brand new visitors need not.

Members of the Board are bringing extra amounts to be sure everyone is covered. Long time members, we look forward to enjoying your food contributions and your stories! Let's learn, laugh, and visit with old and new friends.

Visitors Welcome!
Tuesday, November 15th
6:30 pm-9:00 pm
Potluck set-up 6:30–7:00 pm
Annual Potluck 7:00-7:20 pm
Society Business 7:20-7:30 pm
Show and Tell 7:30-9:00 pm

Family History Library
on the Westwood Mormon Temple grounds
10741 Santa Monica Blvd. @ Overland Avenue
Get directions from Tom Lane at (310) 393-5574
Check out their website at: www.lawgsweb.org

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