20 December 2011

NGS Unveils Civil War Records Course

As the 2011 commemoration of 150th Anniversary of the start of the US Civil War comes to a close, you may still be looking for more Civil War resources. We pass this on for our friends at NGS:

The National Genealogical Society proudly announces the release of its newest American Genealogy Studies course, Introduction to Civil War Records, developed by renowned military expert Craig Roberts Scott, CG.

Craig Roberts Scott is a nationally recognized lecturer, educator, and genealogical and historical researcher with more than thirty years' experience. He is a member of the Company of Military Historians and specializes in the diverse military records at the National Archives.

Besides being CEO and President of Heritage Books, Inc., a genealogical publishing firm, Craig coordinates the Military tracks at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and Samford University Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research in Birmingham, Alabama.   He has authored The "Lost Pensions": Settled Accounts of the Act of 6 April 1838 and Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Inventory 14 (Revised).

Now, Craig brings his military expertise to NGS with the Introduction to Civil War Records. In this seven chapter course, Craig introduces numerous records including compiled service records, prisoner of war records, and pension files created for, during, and after the war.  He provides strategies to identify and locate information on an ancestor living at the time of the Civil War.

This NGS American Genealogy Studies course is available on CD-ROM as a PDF file compatible for a PC- or MAC for $35.00 for members and $50.00 for non-members. For further information, or to purchase the course, visit the NGS website at http://www.ngsgenealogy.org and click on Educational Courses.

The NGS American Genealogy Studies are designed for both the beginner and the established genealogist. These busy individuals want to learn about a specific topic and put the ensuing knowledge to work quickly. NGS courses offer the convenience of completing a genealogy study at their own pace in their home.

Please visit the NGS Pressroom for further information.


  1. I have three civil war ancestors of my own. Learning about their lives has been quite enlightening. One of my ancestors was wounded, captured and later died of his wounds. I learned this by ordering their service and pension records. However at $75 per pension record file ordering them from NARA can be very expensive. I was able to hire a profession genealogist from the NARA area. I paid less than 1/2 of what I would have if I order them directly from NARA. I also received the copies much faster. See my blog about the details at http://www.hiddengenealogynuggets.com/genealogyblog/2012/01/civil-war-ancestors/.

  2. Posting this for SCGS Member Dorcas Aunger ... One little correction to the Civil War article. Not all the service of California units in the Civil War was in California. My great grandfather, John Maple Cummins, a resident of Sonoma County, was enrolled in the Second Regiment, California Cavalry, Company M, U.S. Army. He was mustered in at Fort Bridger, Wyoming, for a 1 year term of service, and saw battle at Paradise Valley, California, Pine Forest, Nevada, and Rock Canyon, Nevada, all in 1865. He was mustered out at Fort Laramie, Wyoming. [Source: (1) AMERICAN CIVIL WAR REGIMENTS. Historical Data Systems, comp.. American Civil War Regiments [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA; citing data compiled by Historical Data Systems, Inc. of Kingston, MA,; PO Box 35, Duxbuy, MA. (2) CALIFORNIA MEN IN THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC, Adjutant General's Office, Sacramento, California. Book located in the collection of the Los Angeles Central Library, Genealogy Room, 1972.]

    Dorcas Aunger