17 January 2012

SCGS Featured in Burbank Leader -18 January

It's Getting Easier to Find the Right Genes #genealogy

Bryan Mahoney, a charming young reporter (Irish roots) from the Burbank Leader spoke with Leo and me after our Jamboree meeting on Saturday. There were a few factual errors in his article (I'm not *the* Director, I'm *a* director; we don't own our building, all of our books are not old and Leo is now 5 years younger than he was yesterday), though he may have point about beige on beige.

I expect we'll see Bryan at the library one of these days. The seeds of his family history journey were planted in Ireland when he was just a youngster. Bryan and his brother were fidgeting to get outside and explore, or to do whatever serves as pub crawling when you're 8 years old. But instead of sightseeing, his father was more interested in poring over church registers in search of missing Mahoneys. He spent three days hunched over handwritten lines. Bryan, we have a strong Irish interest group. Come in for one of our workshops. Marge will help you find the Maloneys that eluded your dad.

I have one big question. How am I ever going to explain how Jamboree is like a combination of Woodstock and Comic Con? As far as that goes, how am I even going to explain Comic Con? Maybe this year's badge ribbons should read ... what? Jambostock? Woodology? GEE-nee-ah-Con?


Just stay away from the Brown/Browne/Braun brick walls.

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