22 February 2012

1940 Census: Three Three Stooges - No Census, No Feeling

Who would have thought that The Three Stooges would have been so thoughtful as to create a training film for the 1940 census? Even more, one that would be used 72 years later by a bunch of people who are hoping to see a few names scrawled across paper that has been converted to pixels. As if anyone could even conceive of something called a pixel!

If you were lucky enough to watch the first episode of Who Do You Think You Are at RootsTech, you saw this short Three Stooges film "No Census, No Feeling."

But if you weren't there, you can still watch it. The first fifteen minutes are here:


The second part of the video is also available on YouTube. (It needed to be split into two parts because YouTube's limit is 15 minutes, and the short runs about 22 minutes in length).

Enjoy it and think of the laughs as you are slogging through page by page until the indexing is done.

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