08 February 2012

SCGS: Call to Action - Please Help NOW

Dear members and friends of SCGS:

You may have heard of the threat to close access to the Social Security Death Index. You may have already tried to do a look-up, only to turn up shorthanded.

The genealogical community is rallying together to send a concerted message to legislators to try to prevent this. The first step is this:

Please sign the petition at http://wh.gov/khE

It's a register-then-confirm-through-email process, so if you get hung up, refer to the instructions (link below).

This is White House petition which requires 25,000 signatures before the administration will respond. It deals with the pressing problem of identity theft and the IRS doing its job, instead of blaming others for their failure to identify fraud.

The petition seeks to stop fraudulent use of Social Security numbers - not by eliminating SSDI, but by using it properly.

Sign the petition now. We need over 1,000 signatures a day to be able to reach the required number in time.

Please pass this message along to all of your friends, family and associates and ask for their support. Further information can be found at

Dick Eastman's Online Newsletter

Talking Points on Why Genealogists Need the Social Security Death Index

SSDI Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions on How to Fill out the Petition

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