04 April 2012

1940 Census Means Publicity Blitz for SCGS

Jay Holladay represented SCGS very well with the press this week. Not only was he interviewed by ABC-7, he was also featured in an article in the LA Times. In case you missed the television broadcast, the video has been posted online.

Jay sent the following note to members of the Board:

"Yesterday we managed to snag some great publicity for our society and for genealogy. Somewhat to my surprise, the press got very interested in the 1940 Census story. Both the Los Angeles Times and Channel 7 Eyewitness News found their way to the SCGS Library yesterday. I thought I could spend a quiet day at the library on the indexing project and other tasks, but the day turned out quite differently. Here are a couple of links to my fifteen minutes of fame -



"I found it to be an interesting and fun experience to be interviewed, and I thought both reporters did a fine job."


Fran Bumann was also contacted by the press to discuss the 1940 census. Unfortunately, the reporter did not specify SCGS, but she did help to raise interest in genealogy among the readers. The article can be found here:


The download difficulty with the 1940 census was frustrating for everyone, but it was a real boon for genealogy publicity. It must be true what they say ... there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Thanks Jay and Fran!

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