11 May 2012

SCGS German Interest Group - May 19

417 Irving Drive, Burbank, CA 91504-2408
818-843-7247 or scgsgenealogy.com
19 May - Translating the Title Page  To be announced   Lois Wildman
16 Jun - Researching Her German Ancestors  Dr. Leigh Taylor, San Clemente
21 Jul - Tranlsating the Title Page To be announced  Barbara Randall

18 Aug - Tranlsating the Title Page To be announced  Marilyn Heck
15 Sep - Tranlating the Title Page:    Telephone Book Listings   
20 Oct - Translating the Title Page:  To be announced  George Horne
17 Nov - Translating the Title Page: To be announced  Allene Aubertin  & Alene Neff
8 Dec -  No workshop -  We will attend the SCGS Open House instead


  1. Is this part of the SCGS held in June? I am attending for the first time and want to research my German Grandparents "Rosendahl" from Osnabruck Germany. Thank you so much Carolyn

    1. So glad that you are going to be with us at Jamboree! This session is not a Jamboree class - it's one of the monthly German Interest Group meetings that are held the third Saturday of each month. At Jamboree, we'll have lots of people who can help with your German research.

  2. Will there be a speaker or discussion of Organizations & Their Contributions as it said in the Searcher? When I checked the interest group page, it showed this as the topic for May 15, 2010 so I don't know what's on the schedule for May 19, 2012. Thanks. Mary