25 November 2012

Shop Online and Help the Southern California Genealogical Society

I'm really tired of hearing about "Cyber Monday" and I'll bet you are too. Don't worry, this isn't a sales pitch.* I just want to ask for your help for the Southern California Genealogical Society while you shop for your family and friends.  

SCGS participates in affiliate programs with two big retail suppliersAmazon.com and iGive.com. That means that when you shop at Amazon.com or iGive.com, SCGS receives a few pennies to help us fund our mission to provide education for family historians everywhere. And it doesn't cost you a cent.

In our household, Amazon.com is our go-to for darned near everything.  Clothes, toys, DVDs, CDs, electronics, books, household items, even Twinkies and HoHos! Do you travel for the holidays? Shop at Amazon, send your packages ahead and save hassles at the airport. Bookmark the URL and use it every time you shop on Amazon year-round.

Next, check out iGive.com. This website is a jumping-off point for shopping  at a seemingly endless collection of websites, including Ancestry.com, Staples, BestBuy.com. Whether it's clothing, chocolate, car rental, airline travel -- you name it, it's there. Check out the list for yourself by clicking on the iGive.com logo.

We thank you for your support.

*but of course SCGS offers gift certificates that can be used for Jamboree or other society events, membership, publications, or professional research services. You can purchase them online here in the value of your choosing.

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