07 December 2012

SCGS Burbank - Family Tree Maker User Group December 9, 2012

The Family Tree Maker User Group meets on the second Sunday of each month, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00. Since the library is open for research until 4:00 p.m., come early and use our valuable resources to find your family's records.

Sunday, December 9

The subject of SOURCES has been Dick’s most frustrating area of genealogy – perhaps for you too.  The Source Workspace in Family Tree Maker is the topic for this meeting. First we will clarify the basic sourcing concepts and then go through the features and functions provided in this FTM workspace.  Finally, Dick will share his personal approach to creating sources and the 170+ templates included in FTM2012.

1. Sources Workspace overview and features
·         The simplest and easy approach!
·         What is the concept of genealogy sourcing?
·         Sourcing in Family Tree Maker and Ancestry.com.
·         Sources, repositories, citations, details – what gives?
·         Accessing source citations in Sources and People workspaces.
·         Details of the interface of the Sources workspace.
·         Managing repositories.

2. Working with Sources
·         Changing between workspaces.
·         Creating a new source citation using an existing source.
·         Linking an additional fact to an existing source citation.
·         Making a duplicate copy of an existing source citation.
·         Rating sources.
·         Source templates.
·         Source template alternatives.

3. Examples of sourcing by Dick

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