15 September 2013

[CA-SCGS] Volunteer Luncheon to be held Saturday, 5 Oct 2013

Volunteer Luncheon at SCGS Family Research Library
Saturday, 5 October 2013
11 am to 3 pm

SCGS Volunteers - Please join us at a party being held in YOUR honor.

SCGS would not exist without an exceptional staff of dedicated, knowledgeable volunteers. We are grateful to you for continuing a long tradition of volunteering that started when SCGS was founded 50 years ago.

Whether you donate your valuable time and talent every day, every week or just an hour here or there --  and whether it's at the Library, from home, or at the Marriott during Jamboree -- you’re invited to come party with us. It’s a great time to meet old friends and new, and you'll have a chance to take home a bright, shiny gift certificate for registration to the 2014 Jamboree.

This Luncheon is a time for volunteers to relax, have fun and celebrate our Society’s successes.  Come join the party!

The Society will provide the lunch, but we need a head count.
Please RSVP  by September 23:
email: volunteer@scgsgenealogy.com
telephone: 818-790-0274

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