19 September 2013

[CA-SCGS] Legacy Family Tree Monday, October 14, 2013

Legacy User Group: October 14, 2013

Meeting: Monday, Oct. 14, 2013
7:00- 9:00 pm
Location: Southern California Genealogical Society Library
417 Irving Dr., Burbank, California (cross street Glenoaks)

Our Theme: “Back To The Basics”

This month we will explore the military records, city directories and review. We will update news on the release and features of Legacy 8.  As always, there will be time to practice and review the new skills as well as ask questions. You may want to bring your laptop or tablet to practice the skills and explore Legacy’s capabilities.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the Legacy Family Tree User Group is a forum to learn the basics of using this software program, answer questions to further your knowledge and efficiency and, to assist others with your expertise.

If you are considering Legacy Family Tree, the user group is a great way to explore the program to assist in your decision to use it or not.  All levels of ability are welcome to participate!

No rsvp is needed.  E-mail Barb Randall for more information at barbmran@aol.com.

15 September 2013

[CA-SCGS] Volunteer Luncheon to be held Saturday, 5 Oct 2013

Volunteer Luncheon at SCGS Family Research Library
Saturday, 5 October 2013
11 am to 3 pm

SCGS Volunteers - Please join us at a party being held in YOUR honor.

SCGS would not exist without an exceptional staff of dedicated, knowledgeable volunteers. We are grateful to you for continuing a long tradition of volunteering that started when SCGS was founded 50 years ago.

Whether you donate your valuable time and talent every day, every week or just an hour here or there --  and whether it's at the Library, from home, or at the Marriott during Jamboree -- you’re invited to come party with us. It’s a great time to meet old friends and new, and you'll have a chance to take home a bright, shiny gift certificate for registration to the 2014 Jamboree.

This Luncheon is a time for volunteers to relax, have fun and celebrate our Society’s successes.  Come join the party!

The Society will provide the lunch, but we need a head count.
Please RSVP  by September 23:
email: volunteer@scgsgenealogy.com
telephone: 818-790-0274

14 September 2013

[CA-SCGS] RootsMagic8 User Group Sunday, September 15

The next meeting of the SCGS RootsMagic User Group will be held on Sunday, September 15, 2013. The group will meet from 2-4pm at the SCGS Library, 417 Irving Drive (cross street Glenoaks) in Burbank.


Our September meeting will include the following topics:
- Recent updates to RM 6
- Moving data between FamilySearch Family Tree and RootsMagic
- Sharing your family information online
- RootsMagic User Forum - sharing of issues and solutions
As always, we encourage you to bring your questions, discoveries, or suggestions for topics to be discussed at this or a future meeting.

RootsMagic Video - New, short You Tube videos are available for FamilySearch Family Tree and other topics. To prepare for this month's meeting, use the Learn dropdown on http://www.rootsmagic.com/, navigate to RootsMagic TV, and view the set of short videos "Working with FamilySearch Family Tree".

RootsMagic Jamboree Special - We still have one more RM6 show special package (CD plus book) which you can purchase for $20 at the meeting. You can also email Jay at the address below if you can't attend the meeting. 

Next Month's Meeting - October 20

Future Meetings
- November 17, December 15, January 19, 2014

Latest Version of RM6 - Version (17 Aug 2013)  For more information see

For further information about the meeting or the user group, contact Jay Holladay: jholladay@ca.rr.com