14 April 2014

[CA-SCGS] Bargain Alert - ProQuest Obituaries, Others

In celebration of National Library Week (the week of April 13th), ProQuest is offering free access to a number of databases, including the very popular ProQuest Obituaries. It's a great opportunity to do some heavy-duty researching of obituaries from around the country.

ProQuest Obituaries includes obits from the following newspapers:
  • Atlanta Constitution  (1868-1922)
  • Boston Globe (1872-1922)
  • Chicago Defender (1921-1975)
  • Chicago Tribune (1852-1984)
  • Los Angeles Times (1881-1984)
  • New York Times (1851-1994)
  • Washington Post (1877-1950)
Other free ProQuest databases include 
  • Research Companion - aimed at college and high school students
  • PublicLibrary Complete - includes 27,000 full text ebooks.
  • CultureGrams - aimed at high school student researchers.
  • ProQuest dLibrary - aimed at high school and college student researchers.
Check out this link for more information, and click on the link that leads to the free database of interest to you.

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