17 December 2014

RootsMagic User Group News - December 2014

This message is to remind you that, at our meeting on November 16, we decided to cancel the December 21 meeting because it is so close to Christmas.

Instead, you are encouraged to download and install the new RootsMagic 7 and check it out. Current RM6 users can upgrade to RM7 for just $19.95. New users can order RootsMagic 7 for the Christmas Special price of $19.95 until December 20.

Check out the list of features in RM7 here. You can try some of the features of the new version for free by downloading RootsMagic Essentials. Web Hints and several other new features are included in the free version. An excellent new video about using the new features is available using the Learn - RootsMagic TV link at rootsmagic.com

Our January 18, 2015 meeting will feature a demonstration of RootsMagic 7 and answer your questions about both the new version and its predecessor. We hope to see you there.

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