10 December 2015

[CA-SCGS] The Searcher is Now Available Online

The Winter 2016 edition  of The Searcher is out and is now available online. Members may access the digital version in the Member Area of the SCGS Website. Once you sign in as a member, click on "read online issues".

You don't want to miss this edition!

Catch up on all the latest SCGS news, Jamboree and DNA day announcements, area events, research tips, recent acquisitions, and enjoy the literary endeavors of your fellow family historians and genealogists.

Go Digital in 2016!  It's faster than US mail and earth-friendly.

Take the next step. "Opt-out" of receiving a printed copy of The Searcher by e-mailing Searcher@scgsgenelaogy. Put "Digital Searcher" in the subject line and include your name and address.

Make sure you're signed up for SCGS emails and we'll notify you when the next issue is up and ready.

Go ahead!  Jump into the digital millennium!

Southern California Genealogical Society

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