18 January 2016

[CA-SCGS] SCGS at Genealogy Roadshow

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Southern California Genealogical Society booth at Union Station on Saturday for the taping of Genealogy Roadshow. It was wonderful to meet new friends, greet members, and make new connections. We loved hearing your research stories, and helping to find new resources or avenues for research! 

It was so exciting to watch the production of the show and meet the people behind the scenes who work so hard to make both the show and the events surrounding it such a success. The show hosts Kenyatta D. Berry, Joshua Taylor, and Mary Tedesco were gracious and welcoming to all. It was a pleasure to watch them at work.

Clockwise from left: Signs posted in Union Station directing participants; show hosts Mary Tedesco, Joshua Taylor, Kenyatta D. Berry; SCGS members Jane Van Tour and Adrian Foushee; filming of a segment wth Joshua Taylor; SCGS member Lynne Parmenter discussing genealogy; SCGS My Heritage t-shirts on display!; SCGS members Adrian Foushee, Lynne Parmenter, Jane Van Tour, Lise Harding and The Family Curator & Jamboree friend, Denise Levenick. 

Thank you to all the SCGS members and members of the SCGS board of directors who helped make this event a success and who came to support Genealogy Roadshow. Special thanks to Joel Fritsche for photos and background assistance.

Genealogy Roadshow season 3 will air starting May 17, 2016.  For more information, please visit Genealogy Roadshow at www.pbs.org.

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