05 May 2016

[CA-SCGS] Mother's Day Wishes and Memories - Part 2 of 4

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's poem. Today we have another poetic treat for you.....

Just This Side of Life

Just this side of life
Mama’s always been there for me
From the moment I was born
Just a babe bouncing on her knee.

She wrapped me up tight
In a blanket made by hand
Singing sweet lullaby’s
Telling bedtime stories at my command.

Just this side of life
Mama always put us kids first
Giving up her share of cookies
Saying “I’m so full, I’m gonna burst!”

She worried about our safety
Thinking it’d be best if we could fight
Enrolling us boys with Higa Sensei
We’d karate chop with all our might.

Just this side of life
Mama always knew best
Teaching us to cook, garden and clean…
Washing dishes was the ultimate test.

She wanted a nice, clean home
And sometimes we’d comply
But often I’d hear her scrubbing
The kitchen floors late at night.

Just this side of life
Mama always wanted us to learn
Driving us over to Aunties for lessons
Where we’d sit, pout and squirm!

She’s been our example, our shinning light
Teaching us to ponder and pray
Then gathering us up in her loving embrace
At the end of a long day.

Just this side of life
Mama always loved nature and flowers
Showing us the beauty of life
All evidence of God’s great powers.

She planned family outings
And a camping we’d go
To the mountains or the Arche’s
Or for a romp in the snow.

Just this side of life
Mama always wanted us to know
About our forefathers, our proud heritage
Knowing it would help us to grow.

She’d pull out Grandma’s book
While reciting stories of old
Showing us strange, ragged pictures
Sparking images untold.

Just this side of life
Mama’s always been there
Attending plays, concerts and recitals
Or grabbing the scissors to cut our hair.

She knew the value of family and friends
Inviting them over for dinner
Afterwards we’d play a loud game of Uno
And in the end, we were all winners.

Just this side of life
Mama will always be here
And though we can’t see her
Sweet memories will draw her near.

She’s just a thought away
Willing us to keep moving on
Through life’s winding path
Till it’s our turn to go home.

J. Brady Allan, 1/28/2016

The SCGS Writers Group will be meeting on Sunday, May 8, 2016 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the SCGS Library in Burbank. The Writers Group is a lively, friendly group, sharing ideas for researching and writing their family tales and histories. Join them to learn how to turn the dry statistics of "Begats, Beweds and Begones" into lively tales of family and situation.

For more information please contact Jennifer Taylor.

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