01 June 2016

[CA-SCGS] Researching CA ancestors in Kern County? Check this out!

The Kern County Elections Division has digitized decades worth of records and made them available online for all to explore.

Records include:

1873 Great Register
1882 Great Register
1896 Great Register
1898 Great Register

Also included are Statements of Votes Cast for years ranging from 1939 to recent elections.

This is truly a treasure trove, and we would love to hear what exciting discoveries are made.

Here's the link: https://elections.co.kern.ca.us/elections/sovc.asp.  To find the info, look on the left sidebar.  Under "Election Information", click "Statements of Votes Cast" to be taken to the page with the links.

Many thanks to Susan Kitchens for pointing this out to us via Twitter!

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