06 July 2016

[CA-SCGS] Join the World Indexing Event July 15-17, 2016

Who: You, your friends, neighbors and associates, your local library, family history center, or genealogy society

What: Worldwide Indexing Event 2016 hosted by FamilySearch.org.

When: July 15-17, 2016

Where: Anywhere you have a wi-fi connection - home, your local library, genealogical library/society, family history center, Starbucks, etc...

Why: To preserve digitally scanned records from around the word.

How: Download the indexing software from FamilySearch, invite your friends to participate, and join the indexing party!

Please join the Southern California Genealogical Society in supporting this worthy event.

How many records will YOU index? 

For more information, visit the Worldwide Indexing page on FamilySearch.org, or the Facebook event.

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