29 June 2017

[CA-SCGS] Family Tree Maker User Group meeting, July 9, 2017

from Dick Humphrey, leader of the FTM User Group.

Family Tree Maker 2017!

On Sunday, July 9, at the SCGS Library from 4:00-6:00pm the entire focus of our FTM User Group will be on this new edition, Family Tree Maker 2017.  Besides viewing the new features, Dick will give recommendations for installation and clarify the changes for syncing, hints and web search with Ancestry.com.

NOW, if you live a long distance away and simply can’t make it on Sunday, there is an option available to you to not miss out!  With a service called ReadyTalk, you may not only listen in remotely but also receive the screen images on your computer over the Internet. The images of the PowerPoint slides and the FTM demonstrations will not be from a camera pointed at the projection screen, but a direct feed from my laptop.  So the visual quality will be excellent.

If you are in this category, please e-mail me your interest (simply reply to this e-mail message). Before the Sunday session, I will e-mail you the necessary details. Note that this process requires you to telephone a certain number in order to listen in. It is a toll free number. The audio portion comes only over the phone. Feel free to use a speaker on your end. The video portion is received from a site accessed with your web browser (either Mac or Windows is fine). I will be using a headset with a microphone to keep the audio clear.  I do concentrate on the presentation and generally will not be able to pick up questions from the remote participants. I will endeavor to repeat clearly any questions arising from the group at the SCGS Library.

Again, Dick plans to be at the SCGS Library at 2:30pm to answer questions and assist with FTM issues.


Sunday, July 9, 2017
Southern California Genealogical Society Family Research Library
417 Irving Drive
Burbank, California 91504

Cross Street Glenoaks

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