31 May 2020

[CA-SCGS] Southern California 1890 Project - Come See What is New!

A Reconstruction of the Lost 
1890 US Census for 
Southern California & Los Angeles County

In 1890, the state of California was a magnet for immigrants from every corner of the globe. Yet, a significant part of this history went missing.  The 1890 census burned and remnants destroyed; this data is a great loss to genealogists and historians everywhere.

The goal of this project is to help bridge this gap by bringing together, in one searchable database, dozens of different types of sources and thousands of individual records. 

Other information sources will include: 

  • Vital records, including births, deaths, and marriages 
  • Church records, including baptisms, communicants, marriages, burials, and officials
  • Education records, including teacher and pupil inventories
  • City directories for Los Angeles and surrounding communities, immigration and naturalization records, and cemetery listings from Los Angeles County 
  • Occupation information
  • Military rosters, including Civil War veterans and members of the Grand Army of the Republic
  • Property and tax records

Southern California has been a population crossroads whose history touches millions; now you can research it!

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* Photo Credit:
Southern Pacific train entering Santa Monica, photCL_555, The Ernest Marquez Collection, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.
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