30 July 2020

[CA-SCGS] How Exciting! A New chance to be Published!

You Have Been Having Fun With 
Ghost Jamboree 

We are so excited you liked our fundraiser and want to become published authors

that we created a new "EXTRA" chance to win!


Here's How! First Donate 
Click Button 

Then, name all the old Jamboree Conferences and corresponding years that are represented on the above Ghost Jamboree Poster. 
Yes, some are more ghostly than others!

send your answers, name, and email address to 

From these donors (any size donation), one additional person will be randomly selected. On August 15th, that person will also be notified and then given until August 28th to supply their ancestor’s picture and a brief biography (up to 500 words). 

A paragraph or two is perfect for their history.
This will be fun, as we all love a mystery! 

On August 30th, the names of the writers and their stories will be published in the Jamboree Blog. *

So please plan to join our Ghost Jamboree 

and celebrate our vast and diverse ancestry.

*essay contents subject to approval
Southern California Genealogical Society 
Southern California Genealogy Jamboree 
#SCGSJamboree, #SCGSGhostJamboree

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