12 January 2010

The German Collection Starts 2010 Organized

The German Collection is one of the special collections held at the SCGS Family Research Library. Thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers, the German collection is now organized by SCGS’s modified Dewey order.

All books that have been cataloged by SCGS are now shelved in order and ready to join the normal shelf reading review to keep them that way. We are also excited to join this coming year’s general collection inventory.

All books not in the SCGS catalog have been segregated together … a whopping four bookcases!

What does this mean to researchers? If it’s in the catalog, you should be able to find it. This “sprucing-up” project may cause some short-term frustrations as some researchers may expect to find uncatalogued works on a certain shelf. This brings us to the next phase of this project – a concentrated effort to catalog those four bookcases of uncatalogued works.

Join the effort!

Help us ready books for cataloging. It’s easy! Join us any Thursday (Germanic Research Team), the third Saturday of the month (German Interest Group – next meeting January 16th), and now, the first Tuesday evenings of the month (4pm to 9pm). Our first work group was Tuesday, January 5th. No German language skills are necessary. Even one hour will make a big difference.

We’d like to thank Lin LaRochelle for helping us ready the space, Maureen Schoenky for dedicating hours to sorting the old GGSA materials, and Lois Burlo for her enthusiasm. And a very special thank you to Joel Fritsche and Denny Ertsman for providing the muscle and donating 6 hours on a beautiful “I’d rather be outside” Saturday.

With Best Wishes for the New Year,

Heidi Ziegler (member SCGS Board & Librarian first Tuesday evening of the month)
Lynne Parmenter (member Long Range Planning Committee & German Interest Group)

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  1. Volunteers, thank you for doing this. I'd be there to help if I could (I live in Texas). I look forward to visiting this collection when I come out for the Jamboree.