13 January 2010

Board Members: Good-Bye and Hello

As the calendar page turns to 2010, we have seen a change in the composition of the Officers and Board members.

Retiring is long-time Treasurer, Betty C. Jones (top photo). It's not quite true that she started the job using an abacus, but she has fulfilled that important responsibility since July 2001. In recognition of her contribution to the Society, the Board awarded Betty with a lifetime membership in SCGS.

Also leaving the Board after three years of duty is Jim Fryman, who was responsible for the Jamboree raffle drawing. Jim and his wife Pat also organized the silent auction for the annual meeting.

Returning to the Board are Charlotte Bocage, Jay Holladay, and Louise Calaway, who served as Assistant Treasurer for the past couple of years. These volunteers, as well as our newest Board member, Heidi Ziegler (bottom photo), were elected for three-year terms in the recent election.

Up to three additional Board members may be appointed as Directors at Large when the Board meets on Thursday, January 21.

Thank you to all of these devoted SCGS supporters for their willingness to lead the organization.

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