26 January 2010

Keep Your Family Tree on Your iPhone

SCGS member Heidi Ziegler sent the following note about a new offering from Ancestry.com.  "Tree to Go" allows Ancestry customers to view the trees that they have posted online.
When I'm running around doing genealogy research, I've often wished for a great iPhone app that will allow me to access my family tree. Now Ancestry.com has just come out with "Tree To Go"! Heidi reports, "I can now access all my trees, modify vital information and events, and add photos for each of my relatives no matter where I am."

The only function not available in the current release is the capability to search Ancestry.com's vast record collection. I look forward to that in the next release! (hint hint Ancestry.com)

If you'd like to become more Ancestry.com-savvy, visit the SCGS Library. The Ancestry.com Library Edition is installed on our computers and SCGS members may use any of the SCGS online databases as a benefit of  membership.  Our SCGS volunteers will help guide your search. 

HEZiegler - SCGS Board member
To use this new technology, you must have: 
  1. An Ancestry.com account
  2. At least one family tree must be uploaded to Ancestry.com (this is an Ancestry online tree application, not a Family Tree Maker app).
  3. An iPhone® or iPod® Touch (2nd generation or higher, with software version 3.0 or higher)
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