03 March 2010

Budget Cuts Threaten the Los Angeles Public Library

The Los Angeles budget is in financial straits and it's obvious that budget cuts are required. Following the actions of other community leaders across the country, Mayor Villaraigosa has targeted cuts at the city libraries.  We all recognize what a treasure we have here with the Los Angeles Public Library system, particularly the excellent genealogy and history collection at the Main Library. 

We can't allow these valuable intellectual resources to be decimated.

Take a few moments *right now* to register at http://www.savelapl.org and write an email to the Mayor and members of the City Council.  Encourage them to recognize the importance of the library system and make no further cuts to the already-meager funding of the Los Angeles Public Library.

This one hits close to home, SCGS members and friends. Don't leave this one to "someone else" to handle. Write Mayor Villaraigosa today.


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