25 March 2010

Time Travel using The Internet Wayback Machine

Have you ever looked for a favorite website only to find it missing?  It's frustrating, but never fear.  Turn to the Wayback Machine.

The Internet Archive (aka the Wayback Machine) takes snapshots of websites and keeps them for future reference.  The SCGS website has been archived nearly 200 times since October 1, 1999.

It was fun to go back and see the past Jamboree lineups, indexing projects, queries.  The December 2, 2001, copy included the second Family History Writing Contest and the kickoff of the CA-SCGS email list.  Some things are very different, but others are very much the same.

Take a trip back in time and check to see if your favorite website has been archived on the Wayback Machine.  Click on the link and enter the SCGS website address, http://www.scgsgenealogy.com.

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