24 March 2010

Who Do You Think You Are: Matthew Broderick on March 26

This week’s episode takes a different turn with award-winning actor and performer Matthew Broderick, who sets out to discover more about his father’s side of the family, whom he never knew. As he learns about his ancestors’ heroic military service and sacrifice, Matthew gets closer than he ever imagined to Captain Robert Shaw, who he portrayed in the epic Civil War movie Glory. Watch for Matthew’s visit to the National Archives in New York City, the Connecticut State Archives, and the Marietta National Cemetery in Georgia.

Check out the teaser featuring Matthew Broderick, and tune into NBC for the full episode on Friday at 8/7c.

Last Week’s Episode

Last week’s episode starring Lisa Kudrow was one of the most riveting of the series. In it, Lisa visits the small shtetl of Ilya, Belarus, where her great-grandmother was executed during the Holocaust. Lisa’s father always wondered what happened to Yuri, a cousin who had escaped from Ilya to Poland and who delivered the news of Lisa’s great-grandmother’s death, but was never heard from again. On a visit to Gdynia, Poland, to discover Yuri’s true fate, Lisa is shocked to learn that Yuri was still alive! Despite the tragic history Lisa uncovers, the episode ends with a silver lining – a beautiful reunion between the two families that had been separated by the tragedies of the Holocaust.

If you missed the episode, watch it here.

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