11 April 2010

SCGS Volunteer Spotlight: Connie Wills

Connie Wills is a librarian who gives tours and provides assistance to patrons and, as she puts it, is "general assistant for whatever needs doing, especially if it needs a long or high reach." She also works in the back room, organizing periodicals and helps out at Jamboree. In the past, she was involved with PTA and the League of Women Voters.

She grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois and attended college at Champaign-Urbana in Illinois. She has lived in homes far and wide: Cambridge, MA; The Hague, The Netherlands; Palo Alto, CA; South Pasadena, CA; Taipei, Taiwan and finally Pasadena, CA. She's been married to her husband, Jack for 52 years, who is a semi-retired professor. Jack and Connie have 5 grown children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Connie is a not-entirely-retired tax preparer and spends her leisure time reading mysteries, doing stitchery and solving jigsaw puzzles.

She is tracking down the surnames Connell, Bickel, Stevenson, McBride, Elliot, Gilliland, Scott, Dosh, Keeports, Irrmann, Kringel, Otto, Schmidt, Bieth, VÅ‘glin, Raasch, Gross, Sensfelder, Wills, Hicks, Ewan, Cast, Whitcomb, Smith, Mitchell, Whitlock, Tunnel.

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