04 July 2010

Bargain Alert: Ancestry.com - Updated

Today's Parade Magazine has a family history feature in today's edition. It's a wonderful story of a journalist who was bitten by the family history bug and who learned the fulfillment and joy of finding her own history.

Accompanying the article is a special pricing for Ancestry.com -- a 15% discount.  Click on the image on the left to go to Ancestry's bargain page.

You need to read the fine print.  You are eligible for the discount only if you have not had a Deluxe edition in the past 90 days. [Note: Randy Seaver read this more accurately than I did, I think. See what I mean about the fine print?]

Another line of fine print mentions the duration of the special pricing.  For example, if you purchase a year's subscription, the special pricing is in effect for the entire year and then the renewal cost goes up to the normal price. However, if you purchase the quarterly or monthly subscription, the special pricing is in effect for only 1 quarter or 1 month, depending on which time period you chose.  Again, after the introductory period, the price goes up to the normal subscription cost.

The special pricing is in effect for only a limited time. Randy read this more closely, too. The discount expires July 10.

You can also register or upgrade by calling 1-800-958-9022 but they won't be answering phones until Tuesday.  Non-holiday hours are M-F 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-3pm ET

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