04 July 2010

The Journey Takers - Book Review

Randy Seaver has an excellent, comprehensive review of The Journey Takers by the speaker at this month's German Interest Group, author Leslie Albrecht Huber.

Although this presentation is being given during the German Interest Group meeting, it is clear by reading Randy's review that it will be relevant for any genealogist who has family "in the old country."

The book is divided into family lines in England, Sweden, Germany and in Utah.

In his review, Randy notes:

Leslie's book provides a magnificent example of family history writing - displaying the breadth and depth of her research, weaving historical and cultural events into the lives of her ancestors, and re-creating realistic scenes and family conversations at places in the stories. Throughout the book, Leslie's own family challenges and triumphs are woven into the narrative - she takes you from the ancestral past to her family's present on the same page. This reader felt that he was riding along with Leslie while visiting the ancestral places, and was witnessing her struggles as she tried to balance her family life with the thrill and drive to do more family research.

Mark the 17th on your calendar now. It sounds like a fascinating talk. I'll see you there.

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