18 July 2010

SCGS Friday Proofreading Club: 1890 Project

Where can you meet jail prisoners, saloon permit owners, poor farm residents, newlyweds and newborns of LA County of 1890?  Why, the Southern California Genealogical Society, of course. 

It's just the place to beat the heat and socialize with your fellow family historians.  Pop in to the SCGS Library in Burbank and proofread records that have been collected for the long-term project to reconstruct the 1890 Los Angeles County census.

After they are proofread, these records will soon be added to the compilation of records that form the 1890 Project to reconstruct the 1890 Census for Los Angeles.  Since the Project's inception in 2004, the 1890 Project has produced four volumes of Citizenship Intentions, the 1892 Great Register of Voters, fifteen volumes of Marriage Records, three volumes of the index to Los Angeles County Naturalizations. Other records in the 1890 Project "stew" are cemetery records, names of dental patients, building permit holders, and other miscellaneous record sets.

The Friday Proofreading Club meets on Fridays from 10am to 4pm.  Work the hours that best fit your schedule. No RSVP is necessary - just show up and ask for Louise.

Following is a partial listing of items available for proofing:

1897 Los Angeles City Census  - This is an every name census of the City of Los Angeles.  Approximately 100,000 or more names

United Methodist Church B Pasadena

Court Records
LA City Jail Records - 1888

Los Angeles County early births

Los Angeles City Saloon Records
Approved and canceled saloon licenses.

Volumes of Marriages - Books 16 - 20, the next grouping.

Monrovia newspapers

Poor Farm
Several volumes from Poor Farm

Property Tax Records
Monrovia property tax records

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