29 August 2010

Beth Uyehara - In Death, a Promise for the Future

Beth Uyehara was the editor of the SCGS Searcher, mastermind behind the GENEii Writers Contest, initiator of the 1890 Project to recreate the lost LA County Census, and my very first contact with SCGS. We lost her a few months ago to ALS - Lou Gehrig's disease. 

The front page of today's LA Times carried a feature article, written by a good friend at the Times, that provided a glimpse into her last days.  SCGS has created a memorial in her honor that will be used to fund an annual family history writing presentation at Jamboree.  Please read this and meet the very special woman that was Beth Uyehara.

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  1. I met Beth a few times when she gave talks to our society (not SCGS). Somehow, she was familiar with my work and encouraged me to enter her contest. I was a finalist with my first entry and was very surprised to receive a personal letter from her, signed just "Beth." She had this special way with people and I would bet anyone who has ever met her would say she is missed. SCGS was fortunate to have her in their corner. Beth's legacy will live on.