02 September 2010

Ralphs Club Renew Today!

Help SCGS by Shopping and Swiping at Ralphs or Food4Less

September 1 is the day that the Ralphs Community Contribution program starts its new year.  All of the participants in the program must re-enroll in order for SCGS to receive donations through this program.

This program is not limited to SCGS members.  Anyone in the Ralphs marketing territory can participate and help support the many programs of SCGS. It's painless and it costs nothing to join.

We have averaged about $1500 a year in donations through Ralphs; however, in recent years, that number has decreased due to the requirement that everyone enroll each year. We are asking everyone to sign up today, before you forget. Let's make some money with those those Labor Day picnic hot dogs and burgers!

Thanks to Cheri Mello, who sent along these easy-to-follow directions:

1.  Go to the Ralphs Community Contribution page.

2.  Scroll down to where it says PARTICIPANT and click on the reddish ENROLL button (even if you are renewing).

3.  LOG IN if you are renewing, or ENROLL if you are new. (You will need your Ralphs Club Card number if you are enrolling for the first time.)

4.  Once you are in, type SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GENEALOGICAL and do not abbreviate.

5.  You should see only that entry show up.  Click in the small round button.

6.  Scroll down and click SAVE CHANGES.

Don't shop at Ralphs?   You can also participate if you shop at Food4Less.

Thanks for your support!

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