18 January 2011

Hungry Historians TV Show is Looking for You

Passing along this item of interest ...

Greetings from the Hungry Historians show!

The Hungry Historians is new television program that travels back in time and spans the globe to visit ancient cultures to discover the food of the past.

We are researching and developing new episode ideas and wanted contact you and your organization to give you a chance to be covered in one of our episodes. Specifically we are looking to cooperate with cultural/heritage organizations and other history oriented individuals and groups by covering lectures, talks and presentations you have scheduled that feature historic cuisine, eating styles or cooking techniques.

Feel free to contact us at thehungryhistorians@gmail.com if you think that there might be a match between your organization’s educational mission and that of the Hungry Historians. We are interested in a wide variety of cultures and time periods and cuisines; from what movie stars ate in the golden age of Hollywood, to food of the California Missions, to the menus of luxury train travel, to the cuisine of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, to the what they ate in ancient Rome, China, Russia, Israel, Armenia..., you name it! If it is something that you're interested in, we want to hear about it. You name the time and culture and cuisine and we want to know what they ate and how they ate it.

“Hungry Historians, it's the history show you can really sink your teeth into.”

Warmest regards,
Michael Escher
Executive Producer
"Hungry Historians" thehungryhistorians@gmail.com

P.S. - Feel free to forward this to other like-minded fans of history and food!

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