20 January 2011

SCGS Board of Directors, Officers Elected

Congratulations to the new and returning Board members and officers of the Southern California Genealogical Society:

Heidi Ziegler - President
Donn Dufford - 1st Vice President
Paula Hinkel - 2nd Vice President
Cathy Romero - Recording Secretary
Fran Bumann - Corresponding Secretary
Louise Calaway - Treasurer
Peggy Schulz - Financial Secretary

New Board members:
Dorothy des Lauriers
Vieve Metcalfe

Re-elected Board members:
Donie Nelson
Marilyn Heck
Donn Dufford

A special thank-you goes out to the Board members who have ended their terms of office: 
Pam Wiedenbeck - Past President
Marva Grove
Alice Fairhurst

Thanks to everyone for your support and willingness to volunteer and continue the success of the Southern California Genealogical Society.

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